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Warrior Series Large Boxing Gear Gym Duffel bag & Backpack Red

Do you like space? Do you like Organization? Do you like versatility?

The Warrior Series Large Bag is all of these things with hidden bits and more. Let’s get this out the way really quickly, the bag is not a duffel bag or backpack, but it is both at the same time (Schrodinger’s Cat?). You decide how you want to use it. I’ve liked using mine as a backpack as it frees up my hands when moving about. Oddly it doesn’t feel like its too oversized even when using it in this configuration. The shoulder straps are comfortable which is usually the problem with Backpacks, they eventually dig into your shoulders and creates tension.

I’ve used the bag in order to carry my gym gear (boxing, mma, bjj, and muay thai gear), hiking and to carry stuff for my fighters at events. Regardless of use there was a place for everything and everything remained in its place.

The main area is large enough to carry quite a bit. At its max capacity I carried a pair of 18 oz boxing gloves, Thai Pads, Shin Guards, 2x Shorts, 2xShirt, 2x underwear and boxing shoes. Even with these items I still felt there was room to carry more. I’ve tried to jam all of my weekly gym clothes into the compartment and that worked but I had no room for anything more than my boxing gloves, but I was carrying a lot of clothes at that point.

One compartment that really had me excited was the mesh aerated compartment at the top of the bag which is great for storage of your wet gear. I hate placing my sweaty gear into my bag only for it to smell pungent and stink up future clothes before a wash. The compartment is pretty roomy so you can put a Gi inside the pocket.

I have used the bag in the gym, on the road and during fights as a corner bag, so in the time I have had it I have thrown it about in quite a few places and it still looks good, stitiching has held up, no fraying and no signs of too much wear and tear, so the material is definitely heavy duty. With bags I am usually worried about the stitching especially on the straps and seams. This seems to be done really well.

What is most surprising about this bag is the number of compartments and how deep their pockets are since they all flow into the main compartment without limiting what you can put in the main compartment too much. This is definitely a finely crafted bag which has many uses and couldn’t be limited to simply a gym bag, its not, it so much more, is it a ruck sack or top line hiking back pack probably not, but for the price you definitely are not going to feel bad about purchasing this and getting the usage you need out of it.

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