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Neil Varone

Neil Varone is a Former U.S. Marine Corps MCMAP and Close Quarters Combat Instructor, and currently a Purple Belt under Coach Carlos David Oliviera. Neil is an amateur MMA fighter with aspirations of going Pro within the next year.

Neil is originally from Brooklyn, New York, but has been in the Virginia area since 2005. He remains active in both MMA, Striking and BJJ competitions. After a a year and half layoff due to knee injuries Neil is focused on getting back to competition and building his name in the Richmond Martial Arts Community.

Amateur MMA Record 2-2

Loss (TKO) 2:59 Rd 1 vs Sam "Baby Hulk" Wolford

Loss (Submission) 2 min second round vs. Yuting Hong

Win (Submission) 1 min first round vs. Unknown

Win (Submission) 1 min first round vs. Piankhi Zimmerman

US Grappling August '10 - 1st place 188 lbs Novice No-Gi, 4th place Absolute (Open Weight) No-Gi

Copa Nova October '10 - 3rd place 179 lbs Beginner No-Gi, 4th place 179 lbs Beginner Gi

US Grappling October '10 - 2nd place 175 lbs Novice No-Gi, 2nd place Novice Absolute (Open Weight) No Gi

US Grappling Submission Only December '10 - 1st place 175lbs Novice No-Gi

US Grappling Submission Only August '11 - 2nd place Absolute Blue Belt

US Grappling Hampton October '11 3rd Place 149-162 No Gi Intermediate

US Grappling Hampton October '11 1st Place 149-162 Gi Blue Belt

ADCC Hampton February '14 2nd place No Gi Intermediate

ADCC Hampton February '14 1st place Gi Blue Belt

WKA Grappling March '14 2nd Place No Gi