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Elite Sports Gi Review


The Elite Sports Gi comes in a variety of colors. I have not had a Black Gi in awhile and wanted one so this was my first choice. Steven Parsons already reviewed the look of the White/Blue gi previously. The Black Gi stuck out because of the purple accents in the stitching and lapels, and as a purple belt it was differently going to catch my attention. The Gi comes Pre-Shrunk so I wasnt worried about washing it before its first use which wasn’t a bad thought pattern. After the first training session I knew immediately this would become a great competition gi. The gi fits very well, I am 5ft 11.5 inches tall and currently 180lbs and the A2 fits extremely well. It is light enough to breather and move which is something I look for in a good competition gi. Since it is IBJJF approved it makes even better sense.

I like to use heavier gi’s for day-to-day training, helps keep the lbs down.

After a training session I washed and Air Dried the Gi like I do all my Gi and see how it fit after. The Pre-Shrunk Fabric is as good advertised. No need to worry about size after being too small or too big. The Gi comes with a Free White Belt which I will past on to hopefully a new student. Priced at just $79.99 that is a great deal. The only other gi at that affordable price is produced by Fuji and their Gi’s are a lot heavier, which I don’t mind for training purposes, but not for competition.

If you are looking for a great affordable Gi I would highly suggest the Elite Sports Gi. Check them out on Amazon or at Elite Sports.com


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