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Elite Sports Advanced Spats


Elite Sports Advanced Spats are available on Amazon and at EliteSports.com for $24.99 plus shipping and handling.

Compression Spats/Pants are meant to provide a second layer of skin to help protect from rashes, mat burn, scratches and to prevent skin infections.
Many companies claim compression gear to also aide in enhanced recovery, durability and performance. I wear rashguards and spats primarily to prevent skin infections on the mat.
The Elite Sports Advanced Spats aide in doing just that while looking great as well. They fit extremely comfortably and loose aiding in those positional stretches.
The waist band features a single eyelet for the drawstring to pull through. This concerned me a little as there is no ringlet or stop for the drawstring.
The string may end up being lost in the wash, but time will tell.

The design and placement of the logo is really nice. The price is unbeatable. I own at least 6 set of spats from various companies like Tatami, Fuji and other companies.These other branded spats are usually sold at twice the price Elite is offering a quality product.

After the first wear the Spats definitely proved their worth as I noticed some blood stains which washed right out. The spats had some minor fraying where the cotton fibers pulled up, but other than that they still performed and looked great. Definitely worth looking forward to future product designs.

Thank you to the team at Elite for such a great affordable product! OSS!

Check out this and other great products at www.EliteSports.com

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