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Meia Guarda: Carlos David Oliviera 4th Degree Black Belt Promotion

Recently Meia Guarda did a write up following the promotion of 4th Degree Black Belt Carlos David Oliviera. As a team we are proud of this accomplishment of one of our own.

Here is a Translated version of the Article by Junior Samurai;

A long time ago doing a great job in Richmond, Virginia, United States, Carlos David Oliveira was decorated by Roberto Traven to 4th grade in his black belt. The award was presented during the seminar of the legendary fighter at Carlos David’s academy on December 17, 2016. “I am now the only 4th grade black belt in Richmond and one of the only ones in every state in Virginia. For me it is an honor to be honored by my master with the 4th degree in Jiu-Jitsu, it is already more than 22 years in this battle, where I accumulate many victories and some disappointments, but that are part of that journey “, said the good square.

“Thank my teacher Roberto Traven and my Evolution Fight Team students spread throughout Brazil (Ceará, Maranhão, Goiás, São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul) Portugal, Sweden, United States (Virginia, Florida, Maryland and New York) Few are branching out around the world.” – Carlos David Oliviera

For the Original Article: Carlos David recebe 4 grau na faixa-preta

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